Food with friends

There is a lion’s mane mushroom in a crinkled paper bag on my desk right now. For the past ten minutes I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Every five minutes I have to open up the bag, peer in at the small globe of milky white fungus, drink the smell of earth and dirt, and feel the soft villi brush against my fingers before folding the bag closed again, leaving it with a crinkle more than before. It’s alive, it’s alive…I’m alive!

Tonight I will gently (making sure not to hurt it) slice it up and throw it in a skillet to crisp up in a pat of sweet butter and a crude sprinkle of sea salt. By then a flash sauté of garlicky baby greens should be done, and both dishes will be brought to the table to eat with Dasha’s quesadillas and David’s (powers of the universe help that boy) salsa. We will see how it goes.


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