One city, two worlds

Two of my favorite places, the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market and SF’s Chinatown, are separated by a mere ten minute walk. One smells of lavender, yeasty bread, and the ocean; the other of fish, bleach, and pee. The kombucha sipping crowd can buy two pounds of French cassoulet beans at one for the same price Accidental Asian Hipsters can buy a pound of live, croaking frogs at the other. San Francisco, this is why I love you–it seems two halves of myself have manifested in your vegetable markets. Anyway, I thought a side by side comparison would be fun.

The people

DSCF0900 DSCF0928

DSCF0870 DSCF0865 DSCF0859

What sticks out of people’s backpacks





note the prices!

DSCF0905 DSCF0903

DSCF0853 DSCF0852


DSCF0935 DSCF0933

Can guarantee–not safe for kids


Can guarantee–no kid wants this for Christmas


DSCF0914 DSCF0925

DSCF0885 DSCF0866DSCF0874


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