Blueberry Muffin Excuses

There are muffins and there are muffins and there are muffins. Some muffins come in a variety pack, wrapped in cellophane, with a uniform moistness that defies the Law of Staling. Others are little frostingless cupcakes in disguise, topped with buttery crumbs and glistening behind a glass case for wide-eyed children to press their sticky faces up against. Then there are muffins with a coarse, rustic crumb embedded with puddles of blueberry, appreciated as much with a glass of milk as they are afterwards when the warm scent lulls you to sleep before you remember to study for the physics final the next day. One guess as to which one this is.

In my defense, I am still in Second Semester Senior Land and will not return for another month or so. And the Rescission Fairy does not seem to be on my heels yet.

Also, please enjoy the high higher def picture at the top. New camera = no more iPhone pictures that have been filtered the crap out of!

Martha Stewart’s Blueberry Muffins

This is not the quickest, easiest muffin recipe out there. You have to cream the butter and sugar, separate eggs, and make sure the ingredients are at room temperature. But it makes a muffin with a substantial crumb and a craggly sugar crust that doesn’t get sticky over time.

Teach’em Martha


-I weighed the flour and sugar instead of measuring by volume. 14 oz flour and 8 oz sugar

-Scrape the bottom of the bowl frequently while creaming butter and sugar. It might not look as fluffy as you might expect though because of the high ratio of sugar to butter.

-If you use frozen blueberries, coat them with a bit of the flour mixture before you fold them in. They will still streak the batter purple but it’s still pretty.

-I added 1 cup of chopped walnuts because I had them.

-If you watch the video, Martha makes 18 muffins, not 12. That’s the correct number. There’s way too much batter to fit into 12 average sized muffin cups.

-I lined them with muffin cups because my muffin pan is ancient and gross.


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